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 Joe Daurril

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In computing:

In video production:

As an informed yet presently retired Win2000 and Internet developer (1997-now), Joe seeks to join the 25% of his age group actively serving in the national work force.  For the last five of his 38 years in computerized information processing, he has been engaged in the following:

Private tutoring: Joe maintains his ability to offer personal and group ad hoc instruction from any Wrox text pertaining to their Visual editions of Basic or C++ (including MFC), or the Juno 2 Platform (using JBuilder 3), and/or sample program walkthroughs for any of MS Visual Studios IDEs (including FoxPro and Access). Guidance may also be provided in the use of various website construction environments, including HomesiteMS Excel-Word, Visual InterDev, and Visual Studio.Net (and their usual SQL Server 7.0 accessories).  His Celeron 366 home system runs Win98 and Win2k and effectively supports IIS 5.0:  his localhost server operates a substantial subset of Wrox’ Scripted tutorial applications.

Content development: His present ISP arrangements do not embrace server-side support. but his several graphics intense (mostly Geocities) websites do abound in JavaScript and frame-oriented HTML constructs. One is an interdenominational church newsmagazine, another monitors the performance of locally franchised public access operations.  Initial course materials are now in place that might produce an online seminar entitled ASP/IIS/MTS/SQL Case Studies.. This course would analyze the design and construction of several websites capable of implementation with the advertised properties on home equipment.  Four Wrox textbooks are recommended, but only M Reynolds’ Beginning E-commerce is required.

Desktop applications: Presently implemented in Visual BASIC 6.0 and MS Access, his proprietary PC Transporter Management System now includes modules to schedule drivers and to pay them, and interacts heavily with MS Excel and MS Word. He is also a skilled operator in the ordinary use of both of the latter MS Office 2000 products, and regularly publishes using Aldus PageMaker 6.5 and Photoshop 5.0.

Facility Management (FM: 1994-1997): As part owner of a business that manufactured and distributed nutritional supplements in Chicago, Mr Daurril was principally responsible for all things pertaining to the (remote) construction of its database and WebSite operations. Computer operations merely began with catalogue development (in Pagemaker 3.1) on a Macintosh, to which were added dB applications under FoxPro 2.6. Both these 16-bit applications went operational under Win95 in 1996, and evolved thru FP26, VB3, VB4, and VB5. The on-line catalogue now showing not only current product but also hypertexted to nutrition industry sources, and SELECTed database was available (under Access and VB4) CGIed (via O'Reilly's WS 1.1) for order entry & order status reporting. Internal office operations went to use the MS (Office) 97 product line with a vengeance, and webified Excel and Word output were posted periodically to the company home page (Aldus PM 5.0 now reserved for the hard-copy publications). Extraction from the dB also fueled Peachtree (for our bookkeeping needs). Unfortunately, the partnership that supported this work was dissolved in August 1997. That involvement he now seeks to resume as direct labor wherever he may be needed.

Technical Reorientation period: Hardware & Presentation mechanics (1983-1993):
Applications under a Presentation Management: While Microsoft prepared for its introduction (finally in Nov 1985) of Window's 1.01, Mr Daurril sought and attained (at about the same time) the elements of a character (not graphics) mode windowing system. Written for the PC in K&R C, it was marketed (with a UNIX variant) as a generalized text-editor in 1987. Joe's skills in C are mainly practical (from his work with the LACCD again in 1987); he continues to maintain an interest in C++ that began with coursework at the U/Illinois Chicago campus on Win32 APIencapsulation by both Borlands OWL and MSs MFC, and given the time would recast much of his RAD work under MS Visual C++.

PC DOS "CICS" database applications. Utilizing his experience in conventional mainframe CICS development, from 1983 on Mr Daurril proceeded to express, as XT and then AT CICS equivalents, his expertise in hierarchical and networked database organization in every dialect of BASIC(BASIC IV, BBX, Microsoft Compiler, QBASIC, Thoroughbred and finally Visual) then available.

IBM mainframes: the beginning(1965-1983) Remnants of Mr Daurril's early career in post-tab and mainframe programming and operations are exhaustively tabulated in the accompanying charts. We have there many years of assembly-level programming (primarily on IBM's 360/370 (now zSeries) mainframes) including code for methods lately called RBE. Prior to 1975 Mr Daurril worked with manufacturing databases, at a time when that was typically done in Assembler, and was particularly successful in the elaboration and extension of product-structure (BOMP) techniques. He also at that time developed systems (using not only IBM but also N-A Rockwell, Data General, and the famously defunct RCA Spectra) for the creation of printable graphics. Up to 1983, Joe is seen regularly involved in institutional MIS operations - as operator, programmer, technician, and analyst. Most of his vendor experience has been in IBM mainframe environments, under DOS, OS/MVS, & VM. He is also familiar with system operation under HIS (6600 series), Datapoint (intel 8080 progenitor), IBM s/36 (becoming the AS400), and HP/MPE. Besides BASIC, 370 Assembler, and COBOL, he also programs in PL/I, RPG III, APL, xBASE, K&R and ANSI C, and macro/command CICS. His programming assignments have been split 70:30 applications:systems.

Included in this segment is that moment in 1977 when he chose to reevaluate his craft from a hardware perspective, and now given sufficient vendor documentation he may effect hardware repair to the chip level; or given operational hardware and adequate test equipment, write any requisite tech manuals. For the sake of analysis this first phase ended in 1983, when IBM introduced the 8088-based XT and there was some prospect for the direct marketing of well-designed applications. 
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Personal.  Joe Daurril is a second generation Lithuanian-American;  born in Chicago in 1937,*  where he then worked most of his adult life.  He served in the USAF as an ECM repairman from 1956-1960, and began his CS/IS career in 1965 (at a time when the subject of his avocation was not ordinarily included in undergraduate curricula).  He is not degreed, but has taught in several certificate- and degree-granting institutions.  Since 1987 he has provided public access coverage to many local liturgical events in Tampa and throughout Hillsborough county, and was a syndicated commentator on religious and cable-related subjects. 

·         * His parish grammar school was razed and replaced in the 50's, but the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese nominally attached to it, survives (above in background just 3 blocks west of the Water Tower) as a Chicago landmark.

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Joe Daurril curriculum vitae: charts supplement.


representative employment:



hard/soft ware:

job title:



Business Machines Inst

Chicago, IL

1401 APL; RPG

student; lab instin programming


University of Chicago


asm IBM 1401

programmer, budget (encumb) system


Loyola University


asm IBM 1401

appl prog; development, registration


Loyola University


asm IBM 1401

mgr, college appl systems & prog


Loyola Medical Center

Maywood, IL

asm DOS s/360m40

proj leader, clinical labs


Erman-Howell Scrap Metal


RPG system 3

dp manager/prog


Datapoint Corporation

San Antonio

DPC 2200, 5500

system engineer (8080 progenitor)


Rockwell International

Desplaines IL

m6800, z80

micro-based prototype development


Computer Research Assoc


(variety: see below)

(applications consulting)


LA Community Coll Dist

Los Angeles

s370 ; HIS 6600

SVS & GCOS systems prog


Hill Refrigeration

Commerce, CA

s370m145 OS MVS

edp manager (interim) mac CICS


Computer Research Assoc


(variety: see below)

(applications consulting)


Tampa Tribune



h-p operator: circulation appls


Chicago Vitamin Company



edp related to mfg of nutritional supplements

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By joe daurril  
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representative projects & applications:

Roosevelt University

tab equip

unit record operations

board wiring intern







Household Finance

asm DOS

s/360 (macro intense)

programmer utilities


Carson Perie Scott

asm DOS

s/350 (macro intense)

retail sales analysis




GA 220

medicare rebilling




IBM s/3 m15

sales perform analy



sm SMC

GS 440

office automation


Skokie Flurocarbons

Qantel asm

Qantel OS

order-entry design


Searle Radiographics


c/370 DOS

mfg: work-in-prog


Bodine Electric


s/370-135 DOS WESTI

mfg: shop floor control







Presbyterian St Luke

mac CICS

s/370-145 OS MVS

med: census/ADT


Morton Norwich

command CICS

s/370-145 VM DOS/MVS

DOS-to-MVS conver under VM







Martin & Associates



develop programmer utilities


Arrow Tech (FL & WV)


IBM AT, norton utilities

proj lead; prog billing, A/R







Intl Tech Inst (Tampa)


IBM s/36;

instructor; programming & ops


Trucks & Parts (Tampa)



mailbox & network


Bay Armature (Tampa)


Motorola UNIX V

FACTS accounting


Today Realty


386 PC DOS

office manager; sware integ


Jones PAC (Tampa)

Aldus PM 3.1

Macintosh Plus 20SC

script & newsletter prepa


ServiceMaster Inc

VB6; Office 97


transporter applications


PrimeMedRx .com

VB6; SQL s 7.0

Windows NT

inventory control


Last Updated on 1/1/2001
By joe daurril 
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Skills, as developed from and appropriate to:


·  initial USAF electronics training (ECM) supplemented by post-military coursework in digital systems design techniques: instructor in analogue circuit analysis at DeVry (mid 60’s): corporate software consultant to VP for system engineering at DataPoint (mid 70’s).


·  in-house business application design & implementation according to technologies de jour: first as computer-supported IBM unit-record (tab) oriented applications in the late 60's, then with emphasis on mainframe direct-access networked data base techniques, and finally under formal relational methods using SQL 7.0 (2000).


·  self-employed in Chicago as provider of instruction in COBOL programming, including curricula design & development (mid 70’s): full-time employment and contractual efforts usually augmented by part-time employment as programming instructor, of BASIC at Valley Community College in Los Angeles (early 80’s) and of RPG (and again COBOL) in Tampa (early 90’s).


·  maintains operational skill in a variety of contemporary PC desktop applications, including Microsoft’s Office suite 2000 (Word, Excel, & Access) & Visual Basic 6.0, Aldus’ Pagemaker 6.5 and Photoshop 5.


·  current new skills development focused on  Efforts include continuing review of the online Wrox materials formerly available thru their ASPToday site, represented in his personal inventory by 1070 articles (Wrox’ entire ASP distribution) supported by 64M of their zipped downloads


contact  mailing address: Joe Daurril; PO Box 2794; Tampa FL 33601-2794: or email. 

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